Denominational Fences

My first post over at Groundswell is now posted.
Here's a preview:

There are many conversations happening all over our denomination that deal with either deconstructing or protecting “fences” (fueled by Groundswell? There’s that gasoline bucket for ya!). For instance, in Memorial #52, one of the “fences” that people seem to be trying to keep up is a particular hermeneutic. Many perceive the addition of allowing divorce in the case of domestic violence to be “extra-biblical.” A vote to approve Memorial #52 is a vote to tear down a long established standard, or “fence,” of biblical authority.
Regardless of our view on 52 or any other denominational matter, Chesterton’s words should cause us to pause and ask: “Why was this fence built in the first place? What were those before us trying to protect? Or construct?”

What fences have you personally witnessed the demolition of? What fences do you think will be the big ones to come down in the near future?  Add your voice to the discussion and get in on the Groundswell!

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  1. Mike,

    Your post was rather good. I have sense thoughts that I hope to post after I wrap up a funeral that I am conducting tomorrow. It has been a pleasure to "meet" you and, if nothing else, am grateful that GS facilitated that meeting.